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These are the committees defined within Texas Association of CPAs. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
Executive Committee
The board of directors, called the Executive Committee, shall manage and govern the affairs of the Corporation. The powers of the Corporation shall be exercised by or under the authority of, and the property, business, and affairs of the Corporation shall be managed under the direction of board of not less than three (3) and not more than eleven (11) Executive Committee members, as may be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time, provided that the number of Executive Committee members shall not be decreased to less than three (3) and that no decrease in the number of Executive Committee members. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect, Secretary, and up to eight (8) Vice Presidents. Each Executive Committee member shall serve as long as they hold office.
Communications Committee
The TACPA Communications Committee (CC) is a group of members who volunteer to facilitate and promote internal and external communications that enhance membership value and that publicize the purpose, values and positions of the association to the public at large. The committee’s responsibilities include providing content ideas for membership-wide communications and promoting best practices through various channels such as continuous development of the organization’s website, newsletters, member forums, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The CC identifies opportunities to partner with other professional associations of bankers, attorneys, etc. in combined events that are mutually beneficial.
Government Affairs Committee
The TACPA Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) is a group of members who volunteer to track governmental issues at the national, state and local level that may be of concern to the membership, including changes in rules and regulations issued by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. The committee will report issues of interest to the Executive Committee and recommend positions on issues. The committee will develop appropriate position statements and, upon approval of the Executive Committee, will distribute position statements to policy makers and the membership. The committee will provide support to members and encourage members to voice their concerns to policy makers over issues of interest to the membership.
Membership Committee
The TACPA Membership Development Committee (MDC) is a group of members who develop and recommend strategies and campaigns to recruit and retain association members. The MDC seeks to create a sense of community that enhances the membership experience and strength of the organization.